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Inaction Figure

Inaction Figure

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A Saga of Sloth and Superheroes

Allan Clark is a mild-mannered accountant who just wants a girlfriend, a raise, and his privacy. But life becomes far more complicated after a strange comet passes much closer to the Earth than originally predicted. The resulting atmospheric contamination causes a small percentage of the planet, including Allan, to develop astonishing superpowers.

Suddenly forced to live with abilities he doesn’t want and can’t control, Allan finds himself resenting a society that expects him to do everything for them, while at the same time treating him like a freak. Allan tries to retreat from the limelight, but that doesn’t stop a fearsome new supervillain from appointing himself Allan’s arch-nemesis… regardless of whether Allan wants to play.

Inaction Figure is a monthly superhero serial/prose comic book from Joe Barlow, the director of the cult film The Wicked Witch Project, and the former host of the Cinemaslave podcast. An affectionate spoof of superhero conventions, with tons of colorful (ahem) characters, Inaction Figure proves what the world has long suspected: great power doesn’t necessarily translate into great responsibility.

What Readers Are Saying

– “It’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy meets The Greatest American Hero!

– “If you like stories of comic book heroes, bumbling villains and political satire, this is a great book!”

– “If someone had told me this was the work of Douglas Adams, I would have believed it.”

– “Joe Barlow has a superpower: he has the ability to let us read his insane thoughts, and those thoughts will entertain the spandex tights off you!”

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